MARCH 19 / Ear Heart Music Presents EMP at Roulette (Brooklyn)

EARMUSICEMP teams up with the venerable Ensemble Sospeso to present the world premiere of Those who do not move for large ensemble of speaking musicians, live electronics, and dancers by the boundary-pushing Oberlin composer Lewis Nielson. Those who do not move, which aligns itself with much of Nielson’s previous work in its political subtext, explores the formation, dispersal and microcosm of crowds, as described by the writings of Elias Canetti (Masse und Macht). Drawing from poetry by Paul Celan, this work explores the loss of identity, a lust for destruction, and the simultaneity of eruption and dispersal. In collaboration with choregrapher Miro Magloire and members of the New Chamber Ballet.

Sharing the program is the US premiere of Simon Bainbridge’s “fascinatedly detailed” (The Guardian) Garden of Earthly Delights for solo mezzo soprano and counter tenor, large ensemble, 8 voice choir, and video. Bainbridge’s piece breathes life into Hieronymous Bosch‘s 1504 triptych of the same name and explores the painter’s highly personal, intensely overcrowded, and completely beguiling vision of paradise, earth, and hell.

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