EMP @ Performing the World!


Ensemble Moto Perpetuo (EMP), New York’s newest rising star in contemporary music, will take over the National Headquarters of the All Stars Project as part of the opening night of the 2012 Performing the World Conference, whose goal is to realize performance and improvisation for social change on a global level. EMP will present a new improvisatory work conceived by Artistic Director Amir Shpilman and members of the ensemble especially for this occasion.

The forty-five minute work will unfold throughout three theater spaces and the passageways that connect them. The various physical environments will inform the structure of the improvisations; a diverse array of performers will impart these structures onto the audience. This mobile, interactive concert blurs the lines of the audience-performer-participant, forming a unique, multimedia, improvisatory piece, begging the question “Does performance change your experience of the world?” – an inquiry that lies at the heart of this year’s Performing the World Conference.

The improvisation-based structure aims to demonstrate how artistic performance helps us to perceive unconventional ideas or forms not yet possible in our political, social, and physical realities. The performance goals, therefore, are to promote dialogue and to further a vision of the multiple possibilities and directions of one’s own actions and inspirations.

Performing the World’s mission of impacting social change through performance-based art aligns perfectly with Ensemble Moto Perpetuo’s mission of reaching to inspire a greater community for artistic cultivation through a cross-disciplinary collaborations and a strong emphasis on current, innovative art. The scope and scale of the performance outlines and highlights that of the conference itself and will set the tone of thinking large and inspiring larger. Many of the attendees of this year’s conference are art representatives and community leaders from underdeveloped countries who are constantly working to implement this message of performance for social change. We aim to help motivate these conference attendees to further explore and cultivate this perspective on improvisation and better articulate their ideas to the greater global community of arts organizers.

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