EMP at the German Consulate

aulbert-facebookEnsemble Moto Perpetuo presents four-octave range soprano and new music specialist from Germany, Frauke Aulbert.

June 19, 2014, 6:00 pm

The Consulate General of Germany
871 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017

Admission $5.00
Tickets will NOT be sold at the door.
Available only through online purchase via Eventbrite.

Sarah Nemtsov
Poker-Roulette (2012)
U.S. Premier
Ellery Trafford, percussion

Hanna Eimermacher
Hommage an den Klimerkasten (2011)
U.S. Premier
Amir Shpilman, conductor

Pierluigi Billone
Quattro Alberi (2011)
U.S. Premier
Frauke Aulbert, soprano

Amir Shpilman
Darkness (2012)
U.S. Premier
Frauke Aulbert, soprano
Natalie Tenenbaum, piano

Praised by the New York Times as “consistantly invigorating,” Ensemble Moto Perpetuo has taken on the mission of matching culture makers in Europe and America to stage unique collaborations between avant-garde composers andcutting edge soloists.

One such collaboration will take place on Thursday, June 19th at the German Consulate in New York between EMP and its guest artist, the four-octave range soprano and new music specialist from Germany, Frauke Aulbert. This concert will mark Ms. Aulbert’s U.S. debut. The program features four U.S. premiers, two by eminent young German composers: Sarah Nemtsov and Hanna Eimermacher as well as works by Pierluigi Billone and EMP Artistic Director Amir Shpilman.

Next on EMP’s itinerary is a tour of the U.S. and Germany with Audittivokal Dresden, a group of specialized new music vocalists under the musical direction of Olaf Katzer. The tour, associated with the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, will take on the theme of freedom and will present eight world premiers of work by young composers from around the world.

About the Artists and the Music:

Amir Shpilman
Shpilman’s work has been described in German media as “a shock wave for new music.” Founder and artistic director of Ensemble Moto Perpetuo, Shpilman recently won first prize at the 2013 Heidelberg Spring Festival Young Composers Academy for his large ensemble work Hedef.

According to Matthias Roth, “Shpilman succeeds at the same time in transforming destructiveness and beauty into sound.” And this may be a good way to introduce his work Darkness for Piano and Voice, which will have its U.S. premier by EMP’s celebrated pianist Natalie Tenenbaum and their guest artist from Germany Soprano Frauke Aulbert.

Shpilman composed Darkness for a 2012 commission of the Frankfurt Alte Oper’s Festival Impulse Romantik. The project called for setting a poem from the Romantic era into a composition written in a modern musical language.

Shpilman chose “Darkness,” a poem written by Lord Byron in 1816, a nightmarish fantasy of the decay of humanity resulting from the absence of light — and based on the real-life eruption of Mount Tambora that disturbed weather across Europe and North America. Shpilman’s work emphasizes the fantastic and animalistic qualities of the story teller. The music features lush and complex textures and virtuosic solo lines that bring the singer to an extreme expression of the poem’s characters and their terrifying reality.

A former student of composer Jason Eckardt in New York and Mark Andre in Germany, Shpilman was recently commissioned by the Ensemble Intercontemporain to write a new large work to be premiered in October at the Venice Bienniale. Next week his new work, Situation Object, commissioned by the Seattle Town Hall, will be premiered in Washington by soprano Mary Mackenzie.

Frauke Aulbert — Soprano
Praised as “Hamburg’s queen of the avant-garde,” Ms. Aulbert has developed highly specialized vocal techniques that include mastery of overtone and undertone singing, multiphonics and timbre-alteration among others. These techniques, developed through years of training as a lyrical singer as well as a vocal sound researcher, combined with her passion for improvisation, has put her in high demand in the European new music scene. A frequent collaborator with such composers as Georges Aperghis, Vinko Globokar, Hans-Joachim Hespos, Simon Stockhausen, Geoffroy Drouin and Alexander Schubert, Aulbert was awarded the first prize by the Stockhausen Foundation for her interpretation of Stockhausen’s Indianerlieder.

In this concert, Aulbert and Ensemble Moto Perpetuo will perform the U.S. premiers of Pierluigi Billone’s Quattro Alberi and Amir Shpilman’s Darkness.

Hanna Eimermacher — Composer
Based in Berlin, a former student of Pierluigi Billone, Mark Andre, and Beat Furrer, Hanna Eimermacher is a recent recipient of the prestigious Composition Fellowship at Villa Massimo Rome. Her Hommage an den Klimperkasten for eight instruments will enjoy its U.S. premiere under the baton of EMP Artistic Director Amir Shpilman. Influenced by a sculpture of Alberto Giacometti, the work explores the impact of quiet dynamic ranges on the perception of space. The piece uses the fragile qualities of the quietest range of tones, which requires highly sensitive and virtuosic command of the instruments. The piano fixes the axis of the piece, leading the other instruments in relationships of contrast and fusion with the details of their sonorities.

Sarah Nemtsov — Composer
Nemtsov’s music was first brought to an American stage by EMP last April. Her work Poker, Roulette (2012) for percussion solo will receive its U.S. premier at this concert. The solo will be performed by EMP member and innovative percussionist Ellery Trafford. The open form of the piece is based on 52 compositional “playing cards” involving a variety of instruments and found objects and will be performed simultaneously by several players surrounding the audience while Trafford leads the work as soloist from center stage.

Recently awarded the 2012 German Music Author’s Prize (“Deutscher Musikautorenpreis” GEMA) and winner of the 2013 Busoni Composition Prize, Sara Nemtsov has studied with Nigel Osborne, Johannes Schöllhorn and Walter Zimmermann.

The recipient of many composition fellowships from such prestigious institutions as the German National Merit Foundation, the Aribert Reimann Foundation, the Wilfried Steinbrenner Foundation, Villa Serpentara in Italy and the Berlin Senate, Nemtsov has become a prominent figure of the Berlin avant-garde music scene.

Pierluigi Billone — Composer
World-renowned composer Pierluigi Billone has received many international awards including the Kompositionspreis der Stadt Stuttgart (Stuttgart 1993), the Busoni-Kompositionspreis (Academy of Arts Berlin 1996) the Wiener Internationaler Kompositionspreis (Vienna 2004), the Ernst-Krenek-Preis (Vienna 2006), and the Kompositionspreis der Ernst-von-Siemens-Musikstiftung (Munich 2010).

A student of Salvatore Sciarrino and Helmut Lachenmann, Billone’s music is known for its meticulous dedication to the development of unique solo techniques in close work with world-renowned performers. In this concert, EMP musicians will offer the U.S. premier of Quattro Alberi, which continues in the tradition of individualized lines of works with voice, bassoon, accordion and percussion. The four instruments imitate each other’s sonic worlds, creating a musical setting for a poem by Emily Dickinson, which is set off by partitioned syllables and unconventional vocal techniques.